Call for Proposals and Invitation to Participate: Colloquium Research Information Systems and Science Classifications: Revisiting the NARCIS Classification

The Colloquium Research Information Systems and Science Classifications: Revisiting the NARCIS Classification is organised by DANS and co-sponsored by the International Society for Knowledge Organization. This workshop is part of Professor Richard Smiraglia’s programme as KNAW visiting professor at DANS, and is designed around the DANS-NARCIS portal and in particular the classification used in it to index expertise of scholars ( 
Tentative programme
Please register online. Deadline for registration is August 31, 2018.
Call for short papers
Please submit short papers by July 31, 2018 by sending an extended abstract (max 4 pages) to Richard Smiraglia (
NARCIS (National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System) is a portal that combines information about the Dutch scholars with access to publications and datasets. NARCIS goes back to the Dutch Research Database (NOD), which like many national Research Information Systems has been established in the 1990s to inform science policy about the human capital involved in the growing science system. As such it is different from the later emerging bibliographical databases on scholarly output (as Web of Science, Scopus). Currently, Research Information Systems aim at combining information both from the input-side (persons, funding, projects) and the output-side (publications, data, patents) of the science system. The traditional gap in scientometrics analysis between authors and texts is about to close. In the quest to build better Research Information Systems, the use of Knowledge Organisation Systems to order content and to improve retrieval, is understudied. The aim of this workshop is to shed light on the role of classifications in research information systems, takes NARCIS as primary example, and information science as primary angle of analysis. The current classification applied in NARCIS to tag the expertise of Dutch scholars dates from 2015, although it has a rich history. It has been co-designed with other organisations as NWO, with advice from Wageningen University and Delft University of Technology The NARCIS classification supports a vital research portal that, in turn, supports a nationally-coordinated research effort designed to provide better inter-institutional communication of scholarly productivity, including improving the visibility of open science, open access publications and datasets.
The workshop has been designed to create a multi- and inter-disciplinary conversation about the NARCIS knowledge organization infrastructure. We invite papers that consider the NARCIS Classification in the following ways:
-How might facet analytical theory be introduced into the NARCIS Classification?
-How to link NARCIS classification to other authoritative scientific classifications?
-How to use NARCIS as a testbed for science of science studies (e.g., use cases from NARCIS repository comparing categorization across disciplines)?
-How to map NARCIS classification to general bibliographic classifications using Linked Data approaches?
-How to build services on top of NARCIS and its classification (e.g., Expertise finder)
The workshop will give room to invited talks, short papers (interventions), and discussion rounds.
Papers accepted for the workshop will be later invited to be submitted to a special issue of the journal Knowledge Organization (the journal of the International Society for Knowledge Organization).